How To…

Longboarders are some of the most determined and perseverant people on the planet! Having the grit to get up after each attempt, and walk back up the hill to try again. One of the most efficient ways of learning something is from the mistakes of others. The team riders at Legit Boardshop have racked up thousands of hours of longboarding over the years. Let us help you progress your longboarding skill!

  • Arbor
  • Biltin Bearings
  • BombSquad
  • Bones
  • Bonzing
  • Aera Trucks
  • Array Washer Cups
  • Arsenal Trucks
  • Atlas Trucks
  • Bear Trucks
  • Bennett
  • Slide BV Pucks
  • Abec 11
  • Advanced Slide Labs
  • Blood Orange
  • 187 The One Eight Seven