Longboard decks come in many different forms, and similar to many things in science and engineering, form follows function with these seemingly simple pieces of stacked veneer. The variety and selection of Longboard decks the market has to offer is absolutely mind boggling to newer riders, and veteran riders alike.

We offer a wide variety of longboard skateboard decks so that you, the rider, have the best possible chance of finding the board that is ideal for what YOU want to get out of it.

Cruising: Looking to just chill out and cruise around town? You could check out our more cruising oriented boards, Like the Shrimp from Madrid, or the majority of the boards from Churchill we carry. Want to go a little faster and get a little gnarlier?

Freeride: Do you have the desire to impress the fly honeys around the corner with your killer switch toeside 70 footers? We have some boards that could assist greatly in that department, Like the Comet Manifest and Ethos, the Bustin Royce Pro and Boombox, and a Majority of the Landyatchz and Madrid boards carry are all wonderful choices for freeriding, and getting women( or men, we don’t judge at Legit board shop.)

Downhill: If you’re really looking to push the limits of time and space, and haul some major hiney down some crazy steep hills, you’re gonna need a quality downhill deck, and if you’ve stumbled upon in your search for the ideal DH board for you, today is your lucky day. Boards like The Top speed, and Wolfshark from Landyatchz, The Bigfoot, and the Yeti From Madrid, The Wild boar from Comet, and The DB Torpedo among others are all more than capable of reaching light speed and take you all the way into interstellar space, that’s how fast they are.
TLDR: Whatever path you decide to take in the longboarding universe, you can always look to Legit Boardshop to hook you up with the right board for the job.

  • Arbor
  • Biltin Bearings
  • BombSquad
  • Bones
  • Bonzing
  • Aera Trucks
  • Array Washer Cups
  • Arsenal Trucks
  • Atlas Trucks
  • Bear Trucks
  • Bennett
  • Slide BV Pucks
  • Abec 11
  • Advanced Slide Labs
  • Blood Orange
  • 187 The One Eight Seven